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We spent 14+ years building the best team of dedicated professionals along with the most amazing features an email marketing company could ever have. The owner, John Brogan, put his 30+ years of email and related experience into this service to make something that our clients like to call amazing, and we love that. There are many companies that spend millions on brand marketing, glossy advertising, radio and TV ads, but they don't put the money into the employees and quality services. You won't find us advertising on the radio or TV too often, and you definitely won't see us buying full page ads in national papers and/or magazines. Why? Because we found that direct marketing (calls, postal letters, and word-of-mouth incentives) bring us 10x more customers than any paper or radio ads could ever bring. We spend our money on building the team along with the best hardware. This means you get the best quality service with the very best customer suport.

Many people ask us "why aren't you listed in the top-ten-this or top-twenty-that reviews?" The answer is simple: we don't believe in buying top ratings. In the 1970's companies were ranked based on true customer feedback and nothing else. When a magazine said Company A was the best, they were, without exception. That started to change in the 1980's when big companies started buying their place in "top ten" reviews of this and that. That kind of "top ten" is not really a good way to rate a company, but people fall for that every single day. You would be amazed how many companies call us every week asking if we would like to buy an advertisement in their guide in return for being included in their top ratings. For us we like it when our customers give referrals, and they love giving referrals! The next time you start looking at those top ten or top whatever rating guides, look around for advertisements - you'll find them and then you'll know what those advertisements really paid for.

High Quality, Low Prices

There are over 100 different moving parts to an email campaign. Starting with the list upload all the way down to the actual SMTP handshake with the destination mail gateway. We spent years perfecting every single moving part and automated those parts so we can give you better pricing than any of our competitors. We have full-time dedicated staff watching over many parts of the system because only a human can tell when something doesn't "feel right" with a campaign -- and they fix it for our customers free of charge. That's what being a high quality company means. We care about every moving part of our service and we especially care about giving our customers excellent support anytime they need it. Quality counts these days and to deliver it with low prices takes a very skilled company. We are that company.

Customer Service

Helping a customer around the clock is the baseline for our service department. From there we go further by taking a random sampling of mailings every day and checking their statistics against a set of known averages in the industry. If we see something that is too high (bounces/unsubscribes) or too low (open rates/ click throughs) we contact our customer and offer them a free review of their list, message design, and deployment practices. We have found this pro-active approach to solving delivery issues to save many customers weeks or months of guessing why a campaign may not be performing. Our customers enjoy this as well because it gives them an opportunity to have an outside set of eyes on their campaigns. The end result is our customers enjoy very high response rates and we keep them that way.

Proven Technology

The talk about cloud-this and cloud-that and de-centralized databases can get noisy. We do not believe in letting your data float around the world somewhere in a cloud that has no physical address. That's just too dangerous and risky in our opinion. There is no true control over the data in a cloud environment no matter how much security someone throws at the concept. So we use servers, and lots of them, in all of our secure data centers. When you upload a list or message content - it stays here, encrypted, and on redundant servers at our location only. We use the most advanced servers with very, very large storage arrays, and all of our hardware is operating on Linux. All of our switches, routers, remote access devices, and general operations equipment is state-of-the-art and replaced on a regular schedule to ensure we stay current. We make sure that your data is stored on the best equipment and the update/upgrade procedures are run on a weekly basis, or sooner if an update is critical.

Delivering Value

Giving our customers the best combination of price and service took a long time to develop. Some competitors charge only on the number of addresses on a list (a doomed business model in our opinion) and others charge on a cost-per-message basis plus a dozen extra fees. Over the years one message kept repeating itself when talking to customers: all-inclusive prices. We found that by giving our customers a set per-message rate that included everything our service offered, including labor, our customers could easily predict their monthly costs and they could have the service customized to fit their needs without incurring extra fees. Today our customers are enjoying an email marketing platform that is designed to fit them like a glove. The one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing is a thing of the past. When you treat your customers like partners instead of a revenue generators you keep them for life.

Company Features

- We are completely debt-free which means no sky-high pricing and there is no VC money backing us
- We understand the importance of data security and designed our features with maximum security in mind
- Our management team spent their life in electronic communications and automation
- We have strong ethical beliefs and we only work with clients who have similar strengths
- Our customer service cares about your success. We don't watch a timeclock and leave at 5pm
- If we see something wrong with one of your mailings, we say something. Being proactive is in our blood
- Due to our great reputation the ISP community and major online services give us fast access to support
- The founder of the company, John Brogan, has been directly involved with email communications since 1983
- References are always available

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