- Fri 07/15/2016 15:30

When analysts said in 2008 that mobile Internet usage would pass traditional Internet access in just six years, many people assumed the timeframe of that prediction was too short. However, many websites do receive more mobile visitors than regular visitors and have been that way for the last couple of years.

Since mobile Internet usage is here to stay, businesses of all sizes need to take mobile marketing very seriously. Whether you’ve already been experimenting with this space and want to optimize what you’re doing or are looking for a way to build a strategy from scratch, here are five of the best mobile marketing tips for 2016:

1. Focus on Headlines

People don't always use their phone the same way they would a desktop computer. While scanning is a common behavior among all Internet users, it’s especially prevalent with those on mobile devices. Because mobile means less time than ever to grab someone’s attention, you should use compelling headlines on content like emails and webpages.

2. Use Responsive Designs

Even though this may seem obvious, the reason we want to mention it is far too many businesses are still using designs that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. This is just as true for websites as it is for emails. Any business that isn’t using designs that adapt to smaller screens and regularly testing these designs to ensure they work properly is missing out on what’s most likely a significant number of visitors.

3. Check Calls to Action

Calls to action provide a way to direct email recipients or visitors to your website about what they should do next. Optimized calls to action can be a key part of generating more leads or customers. On the other hand, broken calls to action can drag down your conversion rate, which is why they need to be tested on mobile devices. You should also look at elements like forms to see if there are any fields that can be removed to streamline them.

4. Speed is Very Important

People aren’t going to wait around for an email or website to load when they’re on a potentially slower mobile connection. Not losing those people is why steps like compressing images and running speed tests are an important part of getting the most out of your mobile marketing efforts.

5. Integrate Messaging

Mobile isn’t just about phone browsers. Mobile phones themselves present an excellent marketing opportunity. Specifically, SMS or text messaging can be a great way to connect with leads or prospects at exactly the right time. If you want to learn more about what you can accomplish with this marketing, be sure to take a look at our mobile messaging features.