- Tue 08/30/2016 13:33

When you send emails to prospects and customers, you want them to read what you send. The first step in getting someone to read your email is ensuring they click and open it. There’s a good chance that your email will also include a link that you want recipients to click and visit.

Accomplishing both of these goals requires you to persuade the people who receive your emails. Since that’s easier said than done, we want to share some proven tips on how to write great ad copy for your email marketing that will get people clicking:

1. Make It Unique

Most inboxes get a lot of incoming email. Since people only have so much time to deal with their emails, they generally have mental filters they use as they scan through their inbox. If your email subject line looks like countless others, it’s going to get skipped over. Preventing that from happening is why it’s important to think of what makes your email unique and then share that information in the subject line.

2. Provide a Special Offer

Going back to what we explained above, people have no shortage of emails coming their way. Even if it’s just a few seconds, opening an email is an investment of time and mental resources. By writing email subject and body ad copy that provides a special offer, you can ensure recipients feel that the investment required to open and potentially act on your email is worthwhile.

3. Tie It In With Something Current

Although this may not be possible for every subject line or email that you write, relating what you’re sending to a current event can be a powerful strategy for grabbing people’s attention.

4. Say What Action to Take

Whether it’s in an email or anywhere else online, one of the tenets of great ad copy is telling people what action you want them to take. By being explicit about the action someone should take, you will increase the likelihood of them actually doing it.

5. Use Ad Copy That’s Consistent with the Destination URL

If you’re writing ad copy for the end of an email because you want to send people to a landing page or other online destination, it’s a good idea to keep the tone of your copy consistent with where you’re sending them. This will help make the transition from their email inbox to their web browser as seamless as possible.

It’s worth mentioning that even with the best copy, people aren’t going to click your email if it doesn’t show up in their inbox. That’s why it’s so important to choose a email marketing provider with excellent deliverability rates. Learn more about our 24/7 delivery monitoring and all the other great features we offer on our email marketing page.