- Wed 05/04/2016 11:22

For most business owners, growth is something that’s frequently on their mind. This is just as true for someone who’s starting a business as it is for the owner of a more mature business. Although not every business has to worry about achieving the hyper growth of a venture-backed company, most do want to see an improvement from one year to the next. Regardless of the specific stage you’re at, if you have a business that’s doing well but isn’t growing at the rate you want, the following four strategies can help jumpstart your growth:

Strategic Hiring

One reason a newer business may hit a growth plateau is the owner is trying to do everything without any help. If that scenario sounds familiar, it’s a sign that you need to hire one or more employees. While it’s normal to feel some anxiety about putting responsibility for your business in other people’s hands, building a team is an absolute must for a business to grow. And if a business is more mature but failing to grow at the desired rate, the best option is to look at how hiring is being handled and pinpoint what needs to be done to optimize this practice.


Even though some business ideas fail to get off the ground because people get too wrapped up in planning, this practice is still important. If you’ve primarily run your business by always taking action, stepping back and sitting down to plan out the future may be exactly what’s needed to find the right solutions to your current growth challenges.

Optimize Customer Experience

You likely want your customers to have a great experience when they do business with you. But wanting to provide a great experience doesn’t guarantee that’s what your customers are getting. Since it’s common for shortcomings to develop over time, it’s worth taking a critical look at the current experience you’re delivering to see what can be improved.

Get Serious About Email Marketing

There are many different ways for businesses to find and connect with customers online. Social channels are often the ones that receive the most press attention. It’s true that social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn offer access to a huge number of prospects. However, what businesses need to remember is the social sites own those relationships. The only way to truly have reliable access to potential and current customers is for them to be on your email list. That’s why getting people onto your list should be the goal of all your other online efforts. If you want to jumpstart your business growth by getting serious about email marketing, be sure to take a look at all the valuable features offered by Global IntelliSystems.