- Tue 11/24/2015 16:51

Over the last few years, social media is one of the topics that has dominated tech journalism. This has led to many businesses pouring significant time and resources into building large followings on social media. Although social media marketing does have its place, a lot of businesses have discovered that social is by no means a marketing silver bullet.

The example that best demonstrates the unreliable nature of social media marketing is when Facebook flipped a switch in their algorithm to significantly limit how many fans businesses could reach. Literally overnight, businesses went from reaching tens of thousands of potential or current customers to only being able to get their content in front of a few hundred. And the only way to reach the full audience they previously had was to pay a steep fee.

The reason the Facebook example is so important for entrepreneurs to learn from is it demonstrates that businesses don’t truly own their social media audiences. All it takes is a social platform changing their path to cut off the majority of that communication. For businesses that want to be sure they can always reach their audience on their own terms, there’s no substitute for the effectiveness of email.

Even though email marketing isn’t something that receives nearly as much attention as social media, it’s a tried and true channel that the best entrepreneurs know how to utilize to the fullest. Since it’s been proven time and time again that email is not only here to stay, but is one of the best marketing channels available, we want to cover exactly what makes it so compelling:

1. It Works for Any Business

There are quite a few potential marketing channels for new businesses. But what often gets glossed over is the fact that many channels only fit specific types of businesses. One of the things that’s great about email marketing is it can be customized to the needs of any business.

2. Amazing ROI

The Direct Marketing Association found that out of the seven most common marketing channels, email delivers the highest ROI. The average ROI for email marketing across all industries is 21-23%.

3. Start Seeing Results Right Away

Email marketing isn’t a channel that requires a long waiting period before seeing any results. Instead, entrepreneurs can begin driving real results as soon as they start collecting email addresses and then emailing them.

4. You Can Test, Analyze and Optimize

While email marketing is a channel that offers immediate results, it’s also something that can be refined over time. As a list grows in size, the ability to do things like A/B test can substantially boost results.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s getting ready to launch a new business and you want to reap all the benefits that email marketing has to offer, Global IntelliSystems wants to help put you on a path to success. Check out our free 6-month email marketing plan for new businesses to see exactly what we can do to help you.