- Wed 06/08/2016 13:43

Email marketing is one of the best ways to jumpstart business growth. While you’ve probably read about email marketing before and may have even tested it out for your business, you may still be unsure of how to use this strategy to directly impact your bottom line.

If that description sounds familiar, you’re definitely not alone. There are plenty of businesses across numerous industries that are interested in email marketing but simply aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling with it. Since this is such a common issue, we’ve put together a list of effective email marketing tips that you can start using right away:

Give Away a Freebie

We often hear from businesses that want to get serious about email marketing but don’t have many people on their list. The simple but effective way to increase the size of your email marketing list is to give something away for free. Whether it’s a downloadable PDF or a physical item, giving away a freebie in exchange for someone’s email address is much more compelling than telling them to sign up for your newsletter.

Optimize Send Times

Getting people to open what you send is a big part of finding success with email marketing. One of the factors that can have a significant impact on email open rates is the time of day when you send emails. In many cases, the ideal time of day may not be the most obvious one. For example, one study found that marketing emails sent between 8PM and 12AM had a higher open and clickthrough rate. That’s why it’s worth running a few tests based around determining the optimal send time for your specific business.

Prioritize Mobile

Nearly half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. That means everything from your subject line to the format of your emails needs to be handled in a way that will be easy to read on the smaller screen of a mobile device.

Keep Sending

Plenty of businesses worry about sending too many emails to their list. On the other hand, very few realize that not sending often enough can be a big problem. Although you obviously don’t want to bombard your list, do stay in touch with them. As long as you provide some form of value, letting your subscribers hear from you regularly will always be a good thing.

By putting the tips we covered into action, you will start seeing real results for your business. Keep in mind that if the only thing holding you back from making use of these tips is not having the right email marketing tool, Global IntelliSystems offers free signups to startups for our very powerful email marketing platform.