- Fri 04/08/2016 11:28

The Top Tips for Mobile Email Optimization in 2016

If there’s one trend that businesses across all industries need to take very seriously in 2016, it’s the impact of mobile. Due to the amount of online activity that has continued to shift to mobile devices over the last few years, it’s safe to say that significant mobile usage is here to stay. One aspect of the mobile shift that people often forget about is this change isn’t limited to just websites.

In addition to the fact that many businesses now receive over half of their website visits from mobile devices, the same can be true for marketing emails. Recent statistics show that B2C mobile readership is well above 50% and moving past 35% for B2B. What that means is simply writing a compelling marketing email isn’t enough to ensure it receives solid engagement. Businesses also need to be sure that the emails they’re sending out are easy to read and interact with on mobile devices.

Since we’ve been directly involved with mobile emails for several years now, we want to share a handful of tips for properly optimizing emails for mobile devices:

One Screen Size Doesn’t Fit All

As with desktops, there’s no shortage of different screen sizes for mobile devices. The field gets even wider when you take tablets into account. While screens can go all the way from under 3 inches to over 10, there are two best practices that work for just about any screen size. Those best practices are to increase font size and button size. This will ensure recipients can read what they’re sent and easily click a call to action button with their finger.

Smart Subject Lines

While most people don’t want to read an essay on their phone, the length of a marketing email’s body usually isn't that much of a concern. Where things do get cut down quite a bit is in the subject line. Prior to sending an email, be sure to brainstorm multiple subject lines. Doing so will allow you to come up with one that conveys the most important information as early as possible.

Think About Conversions

One area where mobile devices still tend to lag behind desktops is in regards to purchases. Although people are becoming more comfortable with buying through their phones, the process still tends to fall short of the ease a desktop offers. Given that people may read your email on their phone and then return later to complete a purchase on a larger screen, try to address that fact in your conversion process or any other call to actions you may include in your emails.

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