- Tue 11/24/2015 16:42

When should startups implement email marketing? The answer to that question is as soon as possible. Even if a startup hasn’t formally launched or is still in alpha, there’s a lot of value in collecting email addresses and starting to communicate with the email list on a regular basis.

Although there’s a ton of value in making email marketing a priority, it’s something that far too many startups continue to put off. The simple reason why many startups aren’t making the most of email marketing despite knowing that there’s value in this channel is they’re trying to juggle several dozen things at once.

The chaotic nature of startups makes it easy to put things like email marketing on the backburner. However, startups need to be proactive about not letting that happen. One simple truth of email marketing is the earlier a startup gets this channel up and running, the better results they’ll see over the long-term.

Because startups can get so much out of email marketing but many still struggle to kickstart this channel, we want to provide a few actionable tips you can use to get on the right track with email marketing in your own startup:

Give People a Reason to Sign Up

Email marketing obviously requires a list of email addresses. The good news is building this type of list doesn’t need to be complicated. The main thing it requires is giving people a reason to subscribe. Whether it’s a free PDF giveaway or simply the promise to keep them updated about the awesome product your startup is building, a compelling call to action is the best way to maximize your opt-in rate.

Don’t Wait Forever to Email Your List

Other than not using email marketing at all, the biggest mistake that startups make with this channel is waiting forever to email their list. Let’s use the example of a startup that begins collecting email addresses today but isn’t planning to launch for six months. If the people on this list don’t hear from the startup for six months, they’re not going to be very excited when the official launch announcement hits their inbox.

On the other hand, if the startup sends an interesting email every 1 to 2 weeks that provides value and builds anticipation, the startup will see significant traction when their launch announcement goes out.

Your Startup Needs An Email Marketing Platform You Can Count On

Being able to make the most of email marketing requires a dependable platform. If a platform has deliverability issues, doesn’t offer convenient features or fails to provide detailed reporting, it will negatively impact the startup. To avoid that issue for your own startup, learn more about why Global IntelliSystems is the ideal email marketing platform for startups.