Call Your Vendor Now - Ask These Questions

Deliverability is a multi-faceted jewel and if just one edge is dull then your entire campaign will be dull. Many people tell us "My email vendor sends our emails just fine" but what they don't tell us is what their vendor does after the email has been sent. In fact, most people, almost all of them, have absolutely no idea if their vendor clears problems, fixes ISP issues, or even communicates with destination gateway administrators to check on a slow delivery. In a nutshell, sending email is easy, but it's what comes after the send that counts.

Simple questions to ask any email marketing vendor.

If your email marketing vendor does not answer YES to all of these questions, it's time to move over to Global IntelliSystems.

Yes, those questions apply to your business too.

Many of you who read those questions would think "I don't send the kind of mail that could cause those problems" but in reality almost every single email marketer on the face of the planet will run into problems addressed by that checklist. When the problems do arise your email vendor sure better be up to the task of fixing those issues. We have found that so many email marketing vendors just let problems fester, sometimes for years, until the problem is so bad the sender is unable to get over 75% of their mail to deliver. That's why you need Global IntelliSystems. We are the single most detailed email marketing vendor in the industry. We have dozens of "patrol" apps running to monitor your mailings in real time to see what happens now, and what happens after the mailing. If we spot a problem, we fix it, period.

Your Vendor Says You Are Clean? Let us Verify That!

We are not in business to take advantage of others so if you would like a non-biased opinion of your IP address and/or domain reputation, please contact us and we will give you a review, for free. Send us the IP address that you send mail from and we will send back a report showing how you look from the outside looking in.

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